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Alright so I won at the LA Noire, this is excluding whatever DLC there is because I'm not sure I want to try downloading it until PSN store is back up, and whatever else is planned.

LA Noire is an odd game, a bit of a genre bender. The spirit of the story-adventure is the main driving factor, but it's super-positioned over a souped up GTA4 engine. It has something like a 1:1 scale LA in it. This is a bit of an odd thing because as a story-adventure game it does not take time to piss around; it has something you are supposed to be doing at all times. I could just break out and drive the whole virtual 8 miles across the place, but somehow this makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

The fun of the game is finding clues, trying to figure things out. The game does a lot of figuring out for you; but that's videogames for you. But also; it does not do some things for you; You can get the wrong man. You can end up with not enough evidence. Being careful and thinking things out is important in playing the game.

The plot and setting is the strong suit of the game. Like any thriller, a large string of seemingly unconnected scenes. But you know it's all coming to a head, and yes; everything is connected. The setting is like, 1947. I wasn't alive in 1947 to the best of my recollection but I didn't notice anything un-1947 about it. They don't even hold back on the racism and misogyny. Sometimes I felt the story was dragged down by a entirely too gritty realism... I didn't always feel satisfied, there isn't a dramatic conviction or explanation to every crime. Then again without this I wouldn't feel like a virtual-real Police officer. THEN AGAIN being a Rockstar game it does inevitably turn into a ludicrous shootout... seriously I didn't even know who some of the guys I was shooting around the end were or why they were even there.


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