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Final Fantasy IV is one of those games that keeps being remade and re-released, and any claims to a definitive version is bogus. FFIV will be remade forever the same way they keep making new adaptions of Batman, or Hamlet. This is because FF4 is at this butter-zone in terms of the RPG, the classic RPG that is defined by the dungeons, monsters and character classes, and the new RPG that is focused on mood and character and plottiness. Thus FF4 plays out like "FF1: The Epic version", whereas something later is more detached. FF4 isn't the only game of its type, but it's a great example. The plot points are to the point, the characters say what they must and for reasons, it moves along to one dungeon to the other, with as many dungeons as any RPG but it takes 15 hours instead of 50.

It's a wonder, I don't feel like I'm missing anything with those 35 missing hours. The characters aren't less likable or anything. It makes me think the story-telling in later games is what is lacking... They spend so much time explaining why the events take place, and characters having long conversations that lead nowhere.. And this just takes away from what is really going on. In FF4 like any game the world is in trouble by a threat, there's no time to sit down and drink a milkshake at the fair while having a conversation about your fathers. If FF4 was made today they'd spend 35 hours explaining where Zeromus got his power and so on.

The After Years is a lot of the same, more characters, more about the old characters, same dungeons. Lots of equipment and dumb things to collect. Lots of bosses. Bosses from other games too!; as if to say FF4 characters are the strongest because you beat every tough boss from FF1-6. And FF4 characters are the strongest. Sure I guess on paper we can say Terra is stronger (and she is a great character); But how much is Terra really about fighting? Terra is about a identity crisis and wondering if she can find love and many things. Now say Kain, he has an internal struggle but this isn't what defines him; what defines him is he is a Dragon Knight, People want him around because he is one, even if he betrays them a couple dozen times. He'll always be a Dragon Knight first and a emo idiot second.

Oh yes, "The Complete Collection"! The graphics re-work is very business-like. About the same but HD and such; It's not doing anything fancy like the DS game. The music isn't even arranged, just recomposed to not be SPC chiptunes. The After Years no longer has cellphone style clocking and is as smooth as the real thing, so it's all rather a good deal.


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