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This song is amazing. Heard it on the Catherine jukebox.

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Next in my series(?) of somewhat game reviews is Catherine.

This was never a game that appealed to me incredibly, though there was that aspect that, the game had style and it seems style is going out of style. I'd argue this is the chief motivator of Catherine's success, not the so-called sex appeal. A game like this is a rare animal in a jungle of games that may be great but have an ultimate sameness to them. Catherine is a game that appeared to be made out of stylistic things and probably wasn't that big of an actual game.

I was right sort of, It isn't a huge game, And paying $60 for it was a bit hard because i knew this. It was probably because the gameplay consisted of block puzzles, which is a redeeming feature of sorts. Who puts a puzzle game inside a virtual novel game? Well those guys did and the result is just fine with me. You aren't really getting to do much with the virtual novel aspect except determining the *final* outcome so it needed some challenging gameplay to even it out.

What's going on with the narrative aspect of this game? I think there is about four levels of narration, no kidding. You got Trisha introducing it to you, There's the normal announcer man, and there is a computer generated voice that says when you did a thing (repeatably if it has to), and then there's just protagonist Vincent talking to himself (you) about what he did. Damn, did we need that many narrations? It feels like a mistake.

There is a lot more to the game depending on how much more endings you want to see (there's 8), and how much you like block puzzles, since you could play the game on hard trying to get all golds, which is damn hard, or beat Babel, or Rapunzel.. That's going to take a lot of time, so the game can be a lot if you're really into it. But I'd say for how much they are charging, unless the game has interested you already you're probably better to wait on a price drop or used copies, at which point I'd recommend anybody try it out.

Most of gameplay is made of these electronic classical tracks, but it also has several Megami Tensei tracks in the Jukebox, like the one in my last entry.
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I'm sorry but watching EVO matches of The King of Fighters XIII it looks like about the worst fighting game on the market currently. I don't want to hate on King of Fighters, I love King of Fighters, especially 98, 99 and even 00. Anyway there is so many HUGE problems with this game.

1. Stylistically many of the models are good but many look like abortions of design. Examples? Takuma, Ralf and Clark. What the fuck, these people don't even look human at all. I get to thinking they didn't really know what they were doing here at all and all good looking characters were incidental.
2. You got a widescreen zoomout on a RUSHDOWN game. What is the rest of that screen for? IT IS FOR NOTHING IS THE ANSWER.
3. The corner air juggles are ridiculous. Seriously out of control stupid. I saw a combo where Raiden juggles the opponent in one corner, *and then JUGGLES THEM INTO THE OTHER CORNER. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN A FIGHTING GAME EVER.
4. Look, the background animations are running at about 3X normal speed, it's like when you would press down the timer in SF2 to make the points go faster, but ALL THE TIME!! That's just fucked up.


Seriously, Arcana Heart looks like a better fighter, BlazBlue looks better, even Mortal Kombat 9 looks better. They are deeper fighting games than KOF13, they have the exact same sort of problems but at least they haven't lost all sanity over them. KOF13 is a fucking blight upon KOF fans. A KOF fan would serve the series better by not buying it and killing the series rather than encouraging more of this nonsense.


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