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Saints Row Third was a game that I was attracted to not because I played previous installments, actually I never was too interested in them in the first place (SR2 a bit but not enough to buy); Really it was the trailers that pulled me in. The ridiculous story telling. Damn it games like this make me realize how fucking serious games have got... Even No More Heroes was spending time with the exposition and speeches. Saints Row Third, maybe I could call it avast-garde, or post-modern, but I'm not intellectual enough to confirm if those labels fit. The point is it's high-octane stuff.

The game is shallow, I will admit. In terms of the sandbox standards this game has a big map and a puny game. There's not much missions and a few things to do on the side, but nowhere near say, San Andreas level. The story is thin as a paper cup and jumps around without reason (I like this)... But what's in there is fantastical; You got gunning down cops while you're falling out of an airplane for 10 minutes, you got Pro Wrestling with chainsaws, Visiting the tron world where your avatar is a toilet, Pleasuring a Tiger, Macrossesque VTOLs, A surprise celebrity appearance so incredible I cannot bring myself to ruin it, and so many other surprises I probably forgot more than half of them. The co-op is amazingly good, you can do everything with somebody else. The character customization is pretty good, it's enough to make something to your liking.

I ran with this one for PC. It was risky... but I saved $10 and I dislike Online Passes (don't get me started...). My computer just isn't very good but it ran OK, I can confirm this is a good port, and probably perfect for the consoles if you don't have the same hang-ups.

Fellow players, you can find me here: http://www.saintsrow.com/profile/wgeese


Date: 23/11/11 12:10 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daerksiea.livejournal.com
Having played and beaten the game in a day, I must say I'm extremely disappointed.

Though there were few improvements, you couldn't see passed all that they left out. First off the story, usually there are three gangs that are gunning after you or you have to gun down. The Syndicate made it seem like the three gangs were just one regular gang and the side quests leading up to the final showdown with each lietuenant was just an activity.

The game to me seemed rushed. I hope the spend alot more time on the fourth one.

Who is the voice actor of Bobby? It seems like a wrestler but I can't put my thumb on his name.

Date: 23/11/11 14:57 (UTC)
ext_429112: (Default)
From: [identity profile] konami.livejournal.com
I was playing co-op and doing all the story and side missions, getting 100% territory, took 40 hours. I haven't done 100% yet, though this isn't taking just one day. It is a pretty short game though, yes.

Bobby? Who is Bobby? I don't know if I forgot the character or if you're getting a name wrong. Describe them maybe?...

Date: 23/11/11 22:01 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daerksiea.livejournal.com
I looked it up, one of the two announcers, Bobby is Rob Van Dam. My brain wasn't connecting the two.

Date: 24/11/11 01:24 (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] konami.livejournal.com
Yeah, it's Rob Van Dam doing what seems to be a Jesse Ventura impression. I didn't know the guy could voice act.

Date: 24/11/11 01:37 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daerksiea.livejournal.com
My favorite line of his is after you pick up the chainsaw and you start slaughtering the luchadors left from right, "Holy Fuck!" and they censor out the fuck, I don't know why but that is my favorite line of his.

The entire time I was playing - I picked up on Hulk Hogan right away and the huge hint in the character creation, "Angelmania" was a dead give away. I am sitting there playing through Professor Genki and then Murderbrawl like, "I know that voice."

Funny thing is Steelport and Stillwater are based off of Detroit, Michigan (it's suppose to be Stillwater, Michigan and Steelport, Michigan) and Rob Van Dam grew up in Battle Creek, not too far away from Detroit.

Date: 24/11/11 01:46 (UTC)
ext_429112: (Default)
From: [identity profile] konami.livejournal.com
It's funny hearing Hulk Hogan voice act a role without using "hoganisms". I kept waiting for them and they never happened.

Personally, I tend to think celebrity voice acting is a huge waste of money, though they seemed to get B grade celebs which might of saved them some. i wonder if 3rd has lost them money because EB has a *ton* of copies sitting there.

Detroit is a good set for a crime game, I don't know why people keep going to New York, that city was violent in the past but it's not even top 20 in the states for over a decade.

Date: 24/11/11 02:34 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daerksiea.livejournal.com
Yeah, I was waiting Angel to say Brother or something like that. And I don't think Hogan ever wrestled as a luchador, I don't think he's been to Mexico to wrestle.

I was disappointed in Shaundi the most. She was just so much different from the second one. Plus the whole Eliza Dushku when the "nobody cares about" Pierce stayed exactly the same.

But Saint's Row has always had celebrities join in, Michael Clarke Duncan was the biggest one in my book (besides Burt Reynolds), Eliza Dushku, Neil Patrick Harris, Keith David and Sasha Grey with Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam.

I think that's a pretty good list.


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