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Saints Row Third was a game that I was attracted to not because I played previous installments, actually I never was too interested in them in the first place (SR2 a bit but not enough to buy); Really it was the trailers that pulled me in. The ridiculous story telling. Damn it games like this make me realize how fucking serious games have got... Even No More Heroes was spending time with the exposition and speeches. Saints Row Third, maybe I could call it avast-garde, or post-modern, but I'm not intellectual enough to confirm if those labels fit. The point is it's high-octane stuff.

The game is shallow, I will admit. In terms of the sandbox standards this game has a big map and a puny game. There's not much missions and a few things to do on the side, but nowhere near say, San Andreas level. The story is thin as a paper cup and jumps around without reason (I like this)... But what's in there is fantastical; You got gunning down cops while you're falling out of an airplane for 10 minutes, you got Pro Wrestling with chainsaws, Visiting the tron world where your avatar is a toilet, Pleasuring a Tiger, Macrossesque VTOLs, A surprise celebrity appearance so incredible I cannot bring myself to ruin it, and so many other surprises I probably forgot more than half of them. The co-op is amazingly good, you can do everything with somebody else. The character customization is pretty good, it's enough to make something to your liking.

I ran with this one for PC. It was risky... but I saved $10 and I dislike Online Passes (don't get me started...). My computer just isn't very good but it ran OK, I can confirm this is a good port, and probably perfect for the consoles if you don't have the same hang-ups.

Fellow players, you can find me here: http://www.saintsrow.com/profile/wgeese

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