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I'd like to take a little bit of time to once again draw attention to my favorite little group of trouble-makers, wingnuts.

What are wingnuts? You may know them as Tin-foil hats, or Underwear munchers, or Purple Elephants. The point is these are the people who go beyond the confirmed and verifiable information and begin to speculate, if this specification is true of false is not the issue (though it tends to be false by rules of averages). These people tend to be hysterical in their conclusions, usually apocalyptic in nature.

Two important issues going on right now being damaged by wingnuts:
The Occupy Movement-
I could write a whole article about them but I would prefer not to (unless you people demand it); Their basic goal is to fight for a more fair and just society, what form that takes is not concrete yet. That's more or less fine by me, and I'm happy to see people try and promote real change; However there is a very toxic elements in this movement, First are the (hardcore) anarchists, who go further than saying they want justice or equality, but go as far as to say they want the total shutdown of government, banks; total wholesale. The problem isn't just what they say, but what they do; These anarchists tend to start riots because this is a good way to promote anarchy, they tend to fight police because they hate police (a lot!). I don't want to excuse police brutality, but when the anarchist wings start getting violent and confrontational with police, they are kind of setting you all up to be attacked by riot police.
The second fringe element is "Anonymous", or a section of Anonymous. I say a section because I doubt those posting the offending content actually represent the entire collective. In this city, they threatened to shut my off our internet if occupy was removed. How was this helpful? Having a group act like terrorists isn't exactly going to get people on your side (just the opposite) it will just make them scared of your movement or laugh at you. Not good.

Second is the anti-SOPA campaign.
Again, don't want to get into too much detail about SOPA, you probably know too damn much about this mess already. There is a active campaign to try and stop the bill, and that's great. however it seems people just can't help themselves, we got the usual suspects; I suspect the 9/11 truther/anti-vacination types not only talking about SOPA as a a security and censorship problem, but as a "corperate enslavement agenda". Unfortunately, because of the harsh opposistion to SOPA, and the fear surrounding it, these memes are infecting the rational as well. I just watched a rather level headed dude argue that the bill was just a means to put the internet into the control of big business.
Now, this isn't to say I absolutely disagree, I think it's possible that's just what the bill could do, but when opponents of the bill want to talk in this kind of language - CRAZY PEOPLE LANGUAGE, they dilute their point and people stop listening because it starts becoming less of a plea to fight sopa and more like watching FOX news. I make this plea: You're entitled to your corperate enslavement theory and being a part of this, because if you think so or not and oppose it I'm still on your side; but you need to realize that SOPA sounds bad enough without the conspiracy and hysteria!; You don't need these things and they will hurt your ability to get people on board and stop the bill.

Thank-you for reading.
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