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I don't think i can pick my favorite game of 2011 because I still have a few "important" ones to go through. So far Dark Souls takes the prize.

Anyway, time to go through some games I didn't talk about for whatever reason such as negligent journaling;

I got this late in the year for sale on steam, so I had the PC version. The PC version is a pretty trashy port but I won't say much beyond "Buy it on consoles unless you're willing to put up with it". Bulletstorm the game is a straight on-rails action shooter with cutscenes and QTE and voice acting and it's totally scripted so it should really suck, HOWEVER the game manages to be awesome despite all this! I think because the game has style and never forgets not to be boring. It's like one of the greatest action movies of the year except it's a videogame.

DRIVER San Francisco:
DRIVER:SF is a pure arcade-style driving game in a open-world composite of San Francisco. The main mechanic is the "shifting" which enables you into any vehicle aside those of a hostile or rival. Usually this mechanic amounts to creating head-on-collisions via innocent drivers. I fell in love with this one and had to have the game; it has a charming little story-line and it's funny, it's a game about driving around for fun and solving some little problems (with cars)! Very fresh game. I just hate Ubisoft's policies, they do try and put the ball and chain on you and they're LUCKY I bought this new for them (but I'm not signing up for a uplay).

From Dust:
A little Downloadable "god-game". It was fun and very pretty but didn't last me long. I realize it was made by some genius and yes, the game is fairly genius, but doesn't seem fully realized. STILL, I say it's a nice game and has been a bit much overlooked because it's actually rather excellent. Might of been because of those reviewers who said it gets "too hard"... those reviewers were merely out of their depth! I think they send their wimpiest journalists after games like these since they seem casual. From Dust isn't all that hard, it's just to say it does get decently challenging.

Portal 2:
I forgot to talk about Portal 2? Dammit. Well everybody knows by now. Portal 2 was pretty fun and met its expectations I had as a sequel to Portal.

Tropico 4:
It's like a really nice Tropico 3 expansion pack. The campaign was good and it took me forever! Basically I'd point to my little Tropico 3 review: http://konami.livejournal.com/365619.html . If it seems appealing go get that or this one, as they are about the same. if you happen to be one of the few who like Tropico, then this one is worth it (at a discounted price).

Links to thoughts on some others (that didn't suck): LA Noire, Catherine, Dark Souls, Saints Row Third

Games I haven't finished and why I'm not calling on 2011:
Deus Ex Human Revolution: I was liking this game but I hit a wall in a mission, got frustrated, had some personal issues at the time and ditched it. I'll pick it up again sometime.
Bastion: Picked this up super-recently. By the demo it seems pretty spectacular, and the soundtrack is tops.
Rock of Ages: Really like the look of this one, by one of my favorite little companies ACE. But waiting for it on ps3 forever involved a late grab on PC and I've been busy lately.
Skyrim: I'm cheap and my PC sucks, so I don't want it yet. I'm pretty sure it will not capture me like other people (As none of the Elder Scrolls have aside being silly diversions). But I'll get around to it.

There's others I know. Either I covered them, or I didn't because my wii and ds have *both* been broken all year, or I didn't care, or I haven't heard of it, or forgot.. whatever.
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