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Name:Wild Geese
Birthdate:Jul 28
love, courage, friendship, justice, and everything else...

this journal is protected by MAD GEAR GANG. the best protection money can buy! Because I'm poor.

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ali project, altoids, american football, ansi art, arnold palmer iced tea, ascii art, astroboy, avgn, aviator shades, back to the future, batman, bayonetta, berserk, black adder, black jack, blake and mortimer, bubble tea, calvin and hobbes, captain picard, carl jung, castlevania, catan, chet atkins, chiptunes, chun-li's thighs, comics, conan o'brien, counter strike, daleks, dark souls, death note, demon's souls, deus ex, dexter, digital watches, discovery channel, doctor who, dragon ball, dragon quest, durian, earthbound, eyeshield 21, fighting like gentlemen, final fantasy, frank miller, game of thrones, giant robo, golgo 13, google earth, gta, gundam, half life, having exactly 150 interests, hetalia, hikaru no go, hitman reborn, hokuto no ken, howlin wolf, hugh laurie, ichiro mizuki, james bond, joe jackson, john rambo, jojo's bizarre adventure, katamari damacy, kids in the hall, king of fighters, kneel before zod, kool keith, l, lalilulelo, left4dead, leonard cohen, les misarables, man vs wild, megaman, metal gear solid, minecraft, mobile suit gundam, monster, mr. t, mucha, my homies, mythbusters, namor, naruto, nfl, ninja, nintendo ds, not doing the dishes, oakland raiders, ohrrpgce, olympics, one piece, parappa, paul giamatti, persona, phoenix wright, picross, pirates, please save my earth, pokemon, poker, professional wrestling, professor layton, quantum leap, queen, radiohead, really gay music, red dead redemption, riki-oh, rock and roll, rocky balboa, scott joplin, secret six, sgt. frog, sharks, shin megami tensei, sign of zeta, simcity, siouxsie and the banshees, soul eater, south park, spacenoids, stalin, star trek, stephen fry, street fighter, suda51, suikoden, super nintendo, super robot wars, swords, tactics ogre, tea, team fortress, tecmo super bowl, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tezuka osamu, the transformers, theme hospital, tron bonne, utena, vikings, wario ware, wild geese, xenosaga, yakitate japan, your boobs, yu-gi-oh!
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