wgeese: (slowking in las vegas)
Wild Geese ([personal profile] wgeese) wrote2011-12-17 06:45 am

Internet outpacing all reason.

I'm having some of the worst social disasters and some of the worst misunderstandings in my over 10 years of internet usage lately.

On twitter if you get into a problem there isn't much of a discussion, there's 140 characters or less in which to make your point.

And even by then, it may too late; twitter is very fast. Twitter users are very fast too! No more time for friendship anymore! This is what the internet feels like to me. I feel like the internet brought us all together than blew us all apart! It's like how a Black Hole works.

Remember last year: WHY ARE THE BIRDS DYING?? (It was because the pace of information allowed people to know the birds were dying, but panic they did!)

I'm just a slow old man here --HIDING OUT ON THE CRAPPY LIVEJOURNAL.

YO! >:3

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