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I don't think i can pick my favorite game of 2011 because I still have a few "important" ones to go through. So far Dark Souls takes the prize.

Anyway, time to go through some games I didn't talk about for whatever reason such as negligent journaling;
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I always question presuppositions, one of the major ones I hear a lot is "Your reflexes slow down as you get older".

Asking the internet oracle SEARCH ENGINE does not produce more than restatements of the presupposition in question. I'm lacking the hard data to prove GREATER AGE = SLOWER REFLEXES. But even if older people had less reflexes on average (which is true); this doesn't actually prove "greater age = slower reflexes", because we could be dealing with factors that are separate from age and more to do with culminations, common dysfunctions or even culture (Thus; age having nothing to do with reflexes).

Let's have at it! Who knows if Age really has a thing to do with reflexes?
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You can look at the awful comic answers here: http://konami.livejournal.com/409216.html#comments

No more questions! I'll do it again sometime, hopefully at a time I'm drawing a bit better than I was today.
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OK, so 10Q didn't work out. So I'm going to make it easier and try and get the ball rolling.

The first 5 people with the first 5 questions will have these questions answered in comic-form, again I am only doing this if I get 5 questions. A new provision is since I removed the friends-lock I will only do this for mutual friends.

Again, please don't ask overly-personal questions, and I'm going to ignore (and get very upset at you for) anything that looks like trolling.

You got 12 hours for the 5 questions. After this time passes, or when I get 5, then the window is closed.
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I'd like to take a little bit of time to once again draw attention to my favorite little group of trouble-makers, wingnuts.

What are wingnuts? You may know them as Tin-foil hats, or Underwear munchers, or Purple Elephants. The point is these are the people who go beyond the confirmed and verifiable information and begin to speculate, if this specification is true of false is not the issue (though it tends to be false by rules of averages). These people tend to be hysterical in their conclusions, usually apocalyptic in nature.

Two important issues going on right now being damaged by wingnuts:
The Occupy Movement-
I could write a whole article about them but I would prefer not to (unless you people demand it); Their basic goal is to fight for a more fair and just society, what form that takes is not concrete yet. That's more or less fine by me, and I'm happy to see people try and promote real change; However there is a very toxic elements in this movement, First are the (hardcore) anarchists, who go further than saying they want justice or equality, but go as far as to say they want the total shutdown of government, banks; total wholesale. The problem isn't just what they say, but what they do; These anarchists tend to start riots because this is a good way to promote anarchy, they tend to fight police because they hate police (a lot!). I don't want to excuse police brutality, but when the anarchist wings start getting violent and confrontational with police, they are kind of setting you all up to be attacked by riot police.
The second fringe element is "Anonymous", or a section of Anonymous. I say a section because I doubt those posting the offending content actually represent the entire collective. In this city, they threatened to shut my off our internet if occupy was removed. How was this helpful? Having a group act like terrorists isn't exactly going to get people on your side (just the opposite) it will just make them scared of your movement or laugh at you. Not good.

Second is the anti-SOPA campaign.
Again, don't want to get into too much detail about SOPA, you probably know too damn much about this mess already. There is a active campaign to try and stop the bill, and that's great. however it seems people just can't help themselves, we got the usual suspects; I suspect the 9/11 truther/anti-vacination types not only talking about SOPA as a a security and censorship problem, but as a "corperate enslavement agenda". Unfortunately, because of the harsh opposistion to SOPA, and the fear surrounding it, these memes are infecting the rational as well. I just watched a rather level headed dude argue that the bill was just a means to put the internet into the control of big business.
Now, this isn't to say I absolutely disagree, I think it's possible that's just what the bill could do, but when opponents of the bill want to talk in this kind of language - CRAZY PEOPLE LANGUAGE, they dilute their point and people stop listening because it starts becoming less of a plea to fight sopa and more like watching FOX news. I make this plea: You're entitled to your corperate enslavement theory and being a part of this, because if you think so or not and oppose it I'm still on your side; but you need to realize that SOPA sounds bad enough without the conspiracy and hysteria!; You don't need these things and they will hurt your ability to get people on board and stop the bill.

Thank-you for reading.
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As you may already know or not know, I took a break from Minecraft between The alpha stage and the final stage. So I've had to do a lot of catching up over the last few weeks that I've been playing.

Part of what I do is watch a youtube video or two, though mostly I just go to the wiki. it isn't much, it's Minecraft. OR IS IT???...

You see, when I went into Youtube to look at Minecraft, I saw a lot of videos about "MINECRAFT NEWBS", and tutorial videos, "LET'S PLAYS" for Minecraft. Some videos entitled (i shit you not!:) "HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR FIRST DAY IN MINECRAFT". Is it really that complicated people!? It's Minecraft, it's in the name: mine then craft. Look at a wiki if you wanna know more.

But looking at the wiki reveals some horrible secrets! First of all is the "NEWB TOWER". The Newb Tower, is when people build a tower under their feet to reach a place. There is much scorn of the "newb tower" as it is newbish. I didn't know one could be newb and pro in this game, since you can peak your skill in say.. a week.

Second point!: CAPES! This makes me angry. NOTCH!!! DAMN YOU FUCKING NOTCH! You hard-coded Elitism *into the game* with capes? No I don't want to hear any fucking excuses out of you Notch, don't tell me to calm down or it doesn't matter or I'm being a bitch blah blah blah-- I thought you were about bringing back gaming! The drive of exclusive content is the way of the newschool which is blackening the soul of gaming!

-- Especially in Videogames!

Here's my tip to playing Minecraft, if you can stand the agony that you will never own a cape and if you like for the game (I totally do not mind or care if any of my readers hate the game): Just play the damn game, it's too fucking simple.
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I removed the friends lock!
Now the peons may read all my 2011 entries, mostly YouTube spam, but unparalleled quality entries!

This journal is for anybody! You don't need any permission to add me! Adding on livejournal is the right of all peoples.

Of course; I don't need any permission either!
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I'm having some of the worst social disasters and some of the worst misunderstandings in my over 10 years of internet usage lately.

On twitter if you get into a problem there isn't much of a discussion, there's 140 characters or less in which to make your point.

And even by then, it may too late; twitter is very fast. Twitter users are very fast too! No more time for friendship anymore! This is what the internet feels like to me. I feel like the internet brought us all together than blew us all apart! It's like how a Black Hole works.

Remember last year: WHY ARE THE BIRDS DYING?? (It was because the pace of information allowed people to know the birds were dying, but panic they did!)

I'm just a slow old man here --HIDING OUT ON THE CRAPPY LIVEJOURNAL.

YO! >:3
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Since I last posted Minecraft skins the game gained something like 4 million people who play it. So it isn't so "cool" anymore but dammit my skins are cool OK? Here's some of them:

Galvatron: Photobucket Black Jack: Photobucket AND MANY MORE BEHIND THIS LINK )
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Seems this was a failure! Oh well, back to posting Youtube videos!

OK, I am tired of people saying Livejournal is dead so I've decided to revive this old comic game!

I'm bringing back TEN QUESTIONS; This is where 10 people ask one question each, and I answer them in comic-book form.

What this means is, ten different people need to bother to comment here and ask a question, if I get 10 I'll answer them all in Comic form! You have TWELVE HOURS from the time of this entry before I close this to more questions. If I don't get 10 questions within the time period I won't answer any of them!

- The questions can be about anything. I prefer you don't ask personal questions, trolling questions will be ignored at my own volition!

Will the livejournal community at large prove its apathy and/or inactivity by providing me less than 10 questions?
, Or prove itself still vital and provide me ten users each with a question, who want to have a free comic?

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My watch has stopped! :O

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Tell me about your black friday deals!

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Once a friend asked exactly how the Cyclops Optic Blast worked. I said he fired concussive force out of his eyes but required a more detailed explanation... Unfortunately I found it:

"Cyclops possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of heatless ruby-colored concussive force from his eyes, which act as inter-dimensional apertures between this universe and another. Cyclops' body constantly absorbs ambient energy, such as sunlight, from his environment into his body's cells that allows him to open the apertures. Cyclops' mind generates a psionic field that is attuned to the forces that maintain the apertures. Because this field envelops his body, it automatically shunts the other-dimensional particles back into their point of origin when they collide with his body. Thus, his body is protected from the effects of the particles, and even the thin membranes of his eyelids are sufficient to block the emission of energy. The synthetic ruby quartz crystal used to fashion the lenses of Cyclops' eyewear is resonant to his minds' psionic field and is similarly protected."


inter dimensional apertures?


other-dimensional particles?


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I've actually been watching this show lately.

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I want to talk a bit a about Quantum Leap, I re-watched this show on Netflix recently, after not seeing it in pretty much 18 years. I knew Quantum Leap was fun, sometimes goofy, sometimes dramatic. But watching this show now I realized just how awesome it really was.

Maybe the most humanistic show in all of television history. When I think of the premise of the Quantum Leap itself; Sam will trade bodies with anybody from his own lifetime. This is point A: People are people, A person may seem far different but we are all a human entity. POINT B: Sam is leaping to put right what once went wrong. He doesn't think he asked for this and that God or fate is doing so, However; knowing he is in the right place at the right time, he will do what's right. He has to adapt to who he is, to who the people around him are and the attitudes of the time and place. Being in this position of needing to come to an understanding is how people help each other, Not simply saying what they know; but learning as well.

It truely was a great show. I hope the movie, no matter the actors has the same core.

PS: The other thing I really liked is the lack of exposition in plot. For a sci-fi show this is particularly impressive.
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Saints Row Third was a game that I was attracted to not because I played previous installments, actually I never was too interested in them in the first place (SR2 a bit but not enough to buy); Really it was the trailers that pulled me in. The ridiculous story telling. Damn it games like this make me realize how fucking serious games have got... Even No More Heroes was spending time with the exposition and speeches. Saints Row Third, maybe I could call it avast-garde, or post-modern, but I'm not intellectual enough to confirm if those labels fit. The point is it's high-octane stuff.

The game is shallow, I will admit. In terms of the sandbox standards this game has a big map and a puny game. There's not much missions and a few things to do on the side, but nowhere near say, San Andreas level. The story is thin as a paper cup and jumps around without reason (I like this)... But what's in there is fantastical; You got gunning down cops while you're falling out of an airplane for 10 minutes, you got Pro Wrestling with chainsaws, Visiting the tron world where your avatar is a toilet, Pleasuring a Tiger, Macrossesque VTOLs, A surprise celebrity appearance so incredible I cannot bring myself to ruin it, and so many other surprises I probably forgot more than half of them. The co-op is amazingly good, you can do everything with somebody else. The character customization is pretty good, it's enough to make something to your liking.

I ran with this one for PC. It was risky... but I saved $10 and I dislike Online Passes (don't get me started...). My computer just isn't very good but it ran OK, I can confirm this is a good port, and probably perfect for the consoles if you don't have the same hang-ups.

Fellow players, you can find me here: http://www.saintsrow.com/profile/wgeese

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Dammit, all I want to do is spam youtubes.

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Sega (1999)

We have so many Zombie games these days but why do none of them have cool character to play as such as Rikiya Busujima, just look at this guy, he follows all the rules of being awesome.

The next best Zombie videogame hero I can think of is The Coach. And no, John Marston doesn't count.
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I'm going to write about Dark Souls in this entry, writing may be a bit disjointed because my brain is mushy lately.

The first thing about Dark Souls the the character creation is awfully bad! I thought it couldn't be worse than Demon's Souls but they managed it, No Ethnic selection, poor random generator... Skin toning really hard to do. Just make some White guy and roll. One good point is the guys got some niftier hair, so I can be a jerk with the Emo Flip hair or the Curly Mullet of manliness. The classes are cooler this time as Armor looks more distinct and flashy. Body types produce nothing but ugliless and are only useful if you going for that purpose, a sane person will pick "Average" Body type because the rest is just wacky fun-house mirror versions of it.

OK, enough about that triviality to most... Dark Souls, a game with a very literal world. You see you start as an Undead in the Undead Asylum which is called UNDEAD ASYLUM are in the land of the Lords LORDRON, you then proceed to a city of the undead... UNDEAD BURG. Then you want to go to a blighted town called: BLIGHTTOWN. I feel almost weirded out when it starts using some named like "ANOR LONDO" and "LOST IZALITH"; what the hell do they mean? Should of been GIANT LAND and HELL WORLD.

The NPC's are real jokers in this game, they are all laughing at me! They say things and then they laugh! I think they are making fun of me, My character can only retaliate by slashing them to death because this is DARK SOULS and talking is for wimps and therefore never an option. You can foster some fun friendships in this game if you resist the urge to slash peoples faces. You develop a friendship with Solaire of Astora; a undead Knight (is everybody undead in this game?) Who stares at the sun for fun and will help you in a fight, A narcoleptic man in onion shaped armor called Siegmeyer who is always getting himself into trouble and will give you gifts if you get him out. If you try real hard, the undead moss selling old lady will start flirting with you and the Giant Blacksmith will start giving you philosophy lessons.

Demon's Souls was a game that is not balanced. Some people called it hard, others called it easy (because they like to sound cool). I'll sound cooler and say it's just not designed with "balance". That is to say the design model isn't like your ordinary action game or rpg where they have the intention of exactly how hard or how strong a thing is; rather they throw together a lot of parameters and content and probably have only the general idea of how it's really going to roll, Dark Souls is even *less* balanced (thus potentially harder and easier) the player are going to die a lot or dominate by figuring out the rules.

The game is monstrously epic, It just throws every damn thing it pleases at you such as a Gigantic Iron Man twice as Large as the Tower Knight with a Giant throwing 20 ton flame boulders for backup (unless you botheres shooting him in the knee 200 times to death before-hand), or a Enormous 3 tailed Immortal Dragon who breaths 1 mile radius cursed crystal breath at you. or such Backdrops as Walking along a 2 foot wide poll with Swinging guillotines while serpent men fire lightning at you from the Balconies, or Have you run through a mile of Lava inhabited by 30 Mobs of Gigantic T-Rex Legs.

Or the Giant Demon Spider Witch with no Nipples.

I had a lot of fun with this game, just like with Demon's Souls, with a different feeling and way more Armors and Weapons (And a lot more bugs because they haven't worked it all out yet). I think the appeal really is the lack of balance or sanity. I don't know if it's great game design but it is the sheer art of content and the content of that art, The thrill of the player vs the world rather than the world for the player; So few other mainstream games offer what it has.
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